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Marriage 2.0

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Marriage—it’s so last century, right?

Think again.

This is Marriage 2.0. The modern relationship, upgraded.

In modern America, nearly half of all married couples end up calling in the divorce lawyers. The average marriage lasts only 8 years. And as for second marriages, around 80% end up in divorce.

But there is an alternative to the Great Break-Up.

This new approach promises to help keep your relationship fresh, exciting, unpredictable. And seriously, seriously hot.

Marriage 2.0 has developed a proprietary technology based on exhaustive experience and expensive research, that can discover your inner desires, and those of your partner—even desires that are so secret, you didn’t even know you had them.

And, based on your personal preferences and your hottest, most erotic fantasies, Marriage 2.0 will create adventures to completely transform your relationship—and re-light the flames of lust between you and your partner.

Inside the book:

  • A powerful billionaire discovers that true happiness does not require a succession of ever-younger wives. 

  • A couple vacationing in Rome has their sex lives unexpectedly reinvigorated after finding their AirBnB apartment has been double-booked.

  • With conventional marriage counseling failing, a couple finds their desire for each other rekindled after being stopped by the police.

  • A husband and wife coming to terms with a failure to conceive discover the unexpected delights of a secret affair.

Bestselling erotica author Max Sebastian takes you through this new approach to creating genuine, strong connections in your relationship, with illuminating erotic tales that include mystery, suspense and powerful romance, seasoned with explicit explorations of carnal success.

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Marriage 2.0: A full-length hotwife erotica novel with a sci-fi twist

Original Pub. Date
Jun 29, 2019

Marriage 2.0

0 ratings
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